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23 April, 2008

Jet. Shine On (2006)

Shine On is the second album by Australian Rock band Jet, released in early October 2006. The title of the album was revealed on the band's website homepage.

iTunes leaked the album in the Australian and UK stores on 16 September 2006, over two weeks before the actual release date. After iTunes leaked the album, Shine On made its way onto file sharing sites through forums of similar bands and people shared that information with other people on Jet's MySpace page.

On 23 September 2006, Triple J premiered the album on its Music Specials show along with interviews with the band. A day later, Nova 100 played the entire album on the radio as a preview.

The album debuted at #3 on the Australian ARIA Albums chart the week of 8 October 2006 and became the fiftieth highest selling album for 2006. It has also gone platinum (70,000+ units shipped). It also debuted and peaked at number 13 on the Official UK Top 75 Albums Chart and 16 on the Billboard 200, but quickly fell out of the top 100 within four weeks.

Critical reaction to the album was mixed; British music magazine NME, for instance, called the record "another joyfully old-fashioned rock'n'roll album immersed in the classics," while the American review site Pitchfork Media pos
ted a review containing only a video clip of a chimpanzee urinating into its own mouth.

The song "Stand Up" featured on the CD is currently in a Discovery Channel commercial, promoting the shows appearing in 2007.

Track Listing

  1. "L'esprit D'escalier" – 0:23 (C. Cester, N. Cester, C. Muncey)
  2. "Holiday" – 3:25 (C. Cester, N. Cester, C. Muncey)
  3. "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" – 2:32 (C. Cester, N. Cester, C. Muncey)
  4. "Bring It on Back" – 4:09 (N. Cester)
  5. "That's All Lies" – 2:43 (C. Cester, N. Cester, C. Muncey)
  6. "Kings Horses" – 3:20 (C. Cester, N. Cester)
  7. "Shine On" – 4:36 (N. Cester)
  8. "Come On, Come On" – 4:24 (C. Cester, N. Cester, C. Muncey)
  9. "Stand Up" – 4:33 (C. Cester, N. Cester)
  10. "Rip It Up" – 3:19 (C. Cester, N. Cester)
  11. "Skin and Bones"– 3:17 (C. Cester, S. Hesketh)
  12. "Shiny Magazine" – 3:28 (C. Cester, N. Cester)
  13. "Eleanor" – 3:34 (C. Cester, N. Cester)
  14. "All You Have to Do" – 4:38 (C. Cester, N. Cester, C. Muncey)
  15. "Hold On" - 4:03

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