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23 April, 2008

Jet. Get Born (2003)

Get Born
is the 2003 debut album by Australian rock band Jet which, as of November 2006, has sold over 3.5 million copies throughout the world.

Jet entered the Sunset Sound Studios in Los Angeles with Dave Sardy to produce their debut album Get Born. Sardy had previously produced records for Marilyn Manson and the Dandy Warhols. The band left the recording studios halfway through recording the album to fly back to support the Rolling Stones on their 2003 Australian tour.

"Are You Gonna Be My Girl?", from this album, was voted number one in the 2003 Triple J Hottest 100. Get Born also has a song, "Timothy," dedicated to guitarist Cameron Muncey's brother, who died when he was a baby. The track "Radio Song" was written about when they were an unsigned band in Melbourne seeking attention, and "Rollover DJ" was written about the difficulty they encountered when trying to play gigs because of the takeover of dance music.

Track Listing

  1. "Last Chance" – 1:52
  2. "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" – 3:34
  3. "Rollover DJ" – 3:17
  4. "Look What You've Done" – 3:50
  5. "Get What You Need" – 4:08
  6. "Move On" – 4:21
  7. "Radio Song" – 4:32
  8. "Get Me Outta Here" – 2:56
  9. "Cold Hard Bitch" – 4:03
  10. "Come Around Again" – 4:30
  11. "Take It Or Leave It" – 2:23
  12. "Lazy Gun" – 4:42
  13. "Timothy" – 4:32
  14. "Sgt. Major" – 4:04 *

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