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27 April, 2009

Bob Dylan. Together Through Life (2009)

Together Through Life is singer-songwriter Bob Dylan's upcoming 33rd studio album, with release set by Columbia Records on April 28, 2009.

Rumors of the album, reported in Rolling Stone magazine came as a surprise, with no official press release until March 16, 2009 — less than two months before the album's release date. Dylan produced the record under his pseudonym of Jack Frost, which he used for his previous two studio albums, "Love and Theft" and Modern Times. The album is rumored to contain "struggling love songs" and have little similarity to Modern Times.

In a conversation with music journalist Bill Flanagan, published on Bob Dylan's official website, Flanagan suggested a similarity of the new record to the sound of Chess Records and Sun Records, which Dylan acknowledged as an effect of "the way the instruments were played." He said that the genesis of the record was when French film director Olivier Dahan asked him to supply a song for his new road movie, My Own Love Song, and "then the record sort of took its own direction." The song written for the movie is "Life Is Hard."

Dylan is backed on the album by his regular touring band, plus David Hidalgo of Los Lobos and Mike Campbell of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

"Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" was available as a free download for one day on Monday, March 30, via Dylan's official site.

"I Feel a Change Comin' On" was released for streaming on Monday, April 6th on The Times Online website, as well as the third installment of his interview with Bill Flanagan.

The album was leaked onto the internet in its entirety on April 22, 2009. On April 24th the album became available to swedish premium users of Spotify.

Track Listing

All songs by Bob Dylan, Robert Hunter, except where noted.

1. "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" - 3:51
2. "Life Is Hard" - 3:40
3. "My Wife's Home Town" (Dylan/Hunter/Willie Dixon) - 4:15
4. "If You Ever Go to Houston" - 5:50
5. "Forgetful Heart" - 3:43
6. "Jolene" - 3:50
7. "This Dream of You" (Dylan) - 6:00
8. "Shake Shake Mama" - 3:37
9. "I Feel a Change Comin' on" - 5:25
10. "It's All Good" - 5:31

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