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06 August, 2008

Sigur Rós. Hvarf-Heim (2007)

Hvarf-Heim is a compilation album by Sigur Rós released on November 5, 2007. It is comprised of two discs: Hvarf contains studio versions of previously unreleased songs (with the exception of "Hafsól", which was released as the b-side of Hoppípolla in 2005), while Heim contains live acoustic versions of songs already released.

The cover images are pinhole polaroid photographs. The Hvarf cover is a handheld image of the microphone stands just before the band arrived to play in the gentle rain. The Heim cover is a 7-minute exposure of the stage at Gamla Borg where Sigur Rós performed an acoustic set for friends and family in April 2007.

The album was released on November 5 in Europe and was released on November 6 in North America. Prior to this release a limited 7" vinyl single of Hljómalind was released on 29 October. The album debut at #23 in UK, #7 on the US independent chart and #83 in Spain selling over 50.000 copies in first week worldwide.

Track Listing

Hvarf ["disappeared" or "haven"]

  1. "Salka" [The name of Georg's stepdaughter] - 6:11
  2. "Hljómalind" (Formerly known as "Rokklagið" ["The Rock Song"]) - 4:58
  3. "Í Gær" (Formerly known as "Lagið Í Gær") ["Yesterday"] - 6:28
  4. "Von" ["Hope"], original version on Von - 9:17
  5. "Hafsól" ["Sea Sun"], same version as on Hoppípolla, original version on Von - 9:50

Heim ["home"]

  1. "Samskeyti" ["Attachment"] - 5:23
  2. "Starálfur" ["Staring Elf"], original version on Ágætis byrjun - 5:30
  3. "Vaka" [The name of Orri's daughter] - 5:21
  4. "Ágætis Byrjun" ["An alright start"], original version on Ágætis byrjun - 6:38
  5. "Heysátan" ["The Haystack"], original version on Takk... - 4:45
  6. "Von" ["Hope"], original version on Von - 8:14

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