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28 May, 2008

David Gray. White Ladder (1999)

White Ladder is the fourth studio album by British singer-songwriter David Gray, released in 1999. Its five offspring singles were "Babylon," "Please Forgive Me," "This Year's Love," "Sail Away," and "Say Hello Wave Goodbye."

A hidden track, "I Can't Get Through to Myself", can be found in the pregap (by tracking backwards [rewinding] on "Please Forgive Me"; the time on the CD goes into minus numbers, and the hidden track is revealed).

The American CD release does not include the secret track but does include an enhanced section which includes a mini documentary with a live performance of "Babylon", a brief biography, and some web links.

Track Listing

All songs by David Gray except where indicated.

  1. "I Just Can't Get Through to Myself" - 1:57
  2. "Please Forgive Me - 5:35"
  3. "Babylon" - 4:25
  4. "My Oh My" - 4:37 (Gray, McClune)
  5. "We're Not Right" - 3:03 (Gray, McClune, Polson)
  6. "Nightblindness" - 4:23
  7. "Silver Lining" - 6:00
  8. "White Ladder" - 4:14 (Gray, McClune, Polson)
  9. "This Year's Love" - 4:05
  10. "Sail Away" - 5:15
  11. "Say Hello Wave Goodbye" (Almond, Ball) - 9:03

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