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20 April, 2008

Carole King. Wrap Around Joy (1974)

Wrap Around Joy is a 1974 album by Carole King. The album hit #1 on the Billboard album charts in the fall of 1973 and spun off successful singles with "Jazzman" (#2 pop) and "Nightingale" (#10 pop as well as #1 adult contemporary).

Track Listing

  1. "Nightingale"
  2. "Change of Mind, Change of Heart"
  3. "Jazzman"
  4. "You Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine"
  5. "You're Something New"
  6. "We Are All in This Together"
  7. "Wrap Around Joy"
  8. "You Gentle Me"
  9. "My Lovin' Eyes"
  10. "Sweet Adonis"
  11. "A Night This Side of Dying"
  12. "The Best Is Yet to Come"

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