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17 April, 2008

The Calling. Two (2004)

Two is the second album released by The Calling, in 2004. The record only features Calling members Alex Band and Aaron Kamin.

The singles released from this album were "Our Lives", "Things Will Go My Way" and "Anything". Our Lives was a minor hit but the album was not as successful as their debut album "Camino Palmero" with sales totaling 2 millon worldwide

Track Listing

  1. "One by One"
  2. "Our Lives"
  3. "Things Will Go My Way"
  4. "Chasing the Sun"
  5. "Believing"
  6. "Anything"
  7. "If Only"
  8. "Somebody Out There"
  9. "Surrender"
  10. "Dreaming in Red"
  11. "Your Hope"
  12. "For You" (Acoustic) [UK Bonus Track]
  13. "London Calling" (Live) [UK Bonus Track]

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