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24 March, 2008

Stereophonics. Language. Sex. Violence. Other? (2005)

Language. Sex. Violence. Other? is the fifth studio album by Stereophonics, released March 14, 2005. It received critical acclaim in the British music press, who had been hostile to the band in recent years, and notably the NME, whose reviews of the band's previous two albums had been harsh. The album reached number one in the UK and debuted at thirty-five on the U.S. Billboard Heatseekers chart.

The first single, "Dakota", was released on 28 February 2005. It became Stereophonics' biggest hit in the UK, reaching number one in the sales chart, and also topping the download chart, where it remained in the top ten for eleven weeks. The single received good reviews, James Masterton calling it the single of the year.

The single steadily gained ground on U.S. alternative rock radio. However, since the Stereophonics lacked a fanbase or previous popular success in America, the single was at a great disadvantage and was initially added to very few station playlists. Nevertheless, the popularity of the song and its championing by such stations as WBCN led "Dakota" slowly to gain airplay and playlist adds across the country over a period of many months. Eventually, "Dakota" become the first Stereophonics song to chart on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. It first charted on 9 July 2005, almost half a year after its original release. The song reached thirty-four on the chart.

The second UK single was "Superman", released on 20 June. It was added to BBC Radio 1's B-list, and moved to the A-list a few weeks later. The song reached thirteen in the singles chart; its low placing resulted from its edgier, harder feel compared to "Dakota," and its lack of download sales. Nevertheless, critic James Masterton gave it a positive review.

The third single was "Devil", released on 12 September 2005. The song was added to Radio 1's C-List but later moved to the B-List and it was also playlisted by XFM. The album is the first to feature new drummer Javier Weyler. All songs have only one word in the title. The title of the song "Lolita" was inspired by Kelly Jones' baby daughter.

Track Listing

  1. "Vegas Two Times"
  2. "Lying in the Sun"
  3. "Mr. Writer"
  4. "Step on My Old Size Nines"
  5. "Have a Nice Day"
  6. "Handbags and Gladrags"
  7. "Nice to Be Out"
  8. "Watch Them Fly Sundays"
  9. "Everyday I Think of Money"
  10. "Maybe"
  11. "Caravan Holiday"
  12. "Rooftop"
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