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12 November, 2007

Travis. 12 Memories (2003)

12 Memories is the fourth studio album by the Scottish indie rock band Travis, first released in 2003. It is a much more mature and lyrically darker album and focuses on issues such as the 2003 Iraq invasion, politicians, and domestic abuse. It opened to rather mixed reviews by music critics. Three singles were released from the album. The first, "Re-offender", reached number 7 in the UK chart and was about domestic abuse. The second single, "The Beautiful Occupation", was inspired by the occupation of Iraq by US and coalition forces in 2003. The final single, "Love Will Come Through" was a much more classical Travis song and was subsequently featured in a marketing campaign by the Post Office. The end vocals for "Peace the Fuck Out" were provided by supporters of Celtic F.C. and Fulham F.C..

The album entered the UK charts at a relatively disappointing #3, and only shipped 300,000 copies in comparison to the 2 million of the previous two. "The Beautiful Occupation" was their first single to miss the top 40, charting at #48.

Track listing

All tracks written by Francis Healy.

  1. "Quicksand" – 2:39
  2. "The Beautiful Occupation" – 3:46
  3. "Re-Offender" – 3:48
  4. "Peace the Fuck Out" – 2:55
  5. "How Many Hearts" – 4:46
  6. "Paperclips" – 3:36
  7. "Somewhere Else" – 3:13
  8. "Love Will Come Through" – 3:40
  9. "Mid-Life Krysis" – 3:39
  10. "Happy to Hang Around" – 3:34
  11. "Walking Down the Hill" – 9:21


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