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23 October, 2007

R.E.M.. Monster (1994)

Monster is R.E.M.'s ninth album, and their fourth major label release for Warner Bros., released in 1994. It is their most guitar-heavy album to this day, with glam/70s rock and grunge influences. It is also very multi-layered, with references to projected images, both in the media and in personal identity, particularly in terms of sexuality.

Monster became a multi-platinum seller, and received critical acclaim by most critics, reaching #1 worldwide. There were several hits from the album, particularly "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?," "Strange Currencies," and "Bang and Blame."

The song "Let Me In" was written for Kurt Cobain, who died shortly after the sessions for Monster started. Michael Stipe said that the lyrics of the song were basically what he would tell Kurt over the phone. The song was recorded on Kurt Cobain's Jag-Stang.

"King of Comedy" is a heavily processed, electronic-sounding track; Peter Buck called it a "Leonard Cohen It had started out as a song called "Yes I Am Fucking With You". rip-off."

The caption in the liner notes reading "For River" is a dedication to late actor River Phoenix, a friend of Michael Stipe's, who died of a drug overdose of cocaine and heroin on 31 October 1993.

Track Listing

All songs written by Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills and Michael Stipe.

  1. "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" – 4:00
  2. "Crush with Eyeliner" – 4:39
  3. "King of Comedy" – 3:40
  4. "I Don't Sleep, I Dream" – 3:27
  5. "Star 69" – 3:07
  6. "Strange Currencies" – 3:52
  7. "Tongue" – 4:13
  8. "Bang and Blame"1 – 5:30
  9. "I Took Your Name" – 4:02
  10. "Let Me In" – 3:28
  11. "Circus Envy" – 4:15
  12. "You" – 4:54
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