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18 October, 2007

Bruce Springsteen. Magic (2007)

Magic is the 15th studio album by Bruce Springsteen, released in 2007. It is his first with the E Street Band since The Rising in 2002.

Long Walk Home" had been previously heard once, late on the 2006 Sessions Band Tour; the rest were new. Most of the other songs were written by the end of 2006; Springsteen allowed producer Brendan O'Brien (returning for a role he had for The Rising and 2005's Devils & Dust) to pick the ones that worked the best. Recording began at Southern Tracks Recording Studio in Atlanta over a period of two months beginning March 2007. It was complicated by the band members' schedules, and especially drummer Max Weinberg's weekday commitments to taping Late Night with Conan O'Brien.[4] The band did not record as a unit: rather, during the week Springsteen worked on vocal tracks and production; on weekends the core band of Weinberg, bassist Garry Tallent, and pianist Roy Bittan flew down to cut the basic tracks with Springsteen; and then periodically the other band members were called in as needed to overdub their parts under producer O'Brien's watch. Only saxophonist and longtime foil Clarence Clemons was given different treatment, with O'Brien handing the studio over to Springsteen for recording of sax parts due to "a whole dynamic [between the two of them] that spans decades.

Track Listing

All songs were written by Bruce Springsteen.

  1. "Radio Nowhere" – 3:21
  2. "You'll Be Comin' Down" – 3:46
  3. "Livin' in the Future" – 3:56
  4. "Your Own Worst Enemy" – 4:19
  5. "Gypsy Biker" – 4:32
  6. "Girls in Their Summer Clothes" – 4:20
  7. "I'll Work for Your Love" – 3:35
  8. "Magic" – 2:46
  9. "Last to Die" – 4:17
  10. "Long Walk Home" – 4:35
  11. "Devil's Arcade" – 5:20
  12. "Terry's Song" – 4:11 (hidden track)

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